Central Massachusetts Real Estate Expert

Dave Stead

Preparing & Presenting the Property:
Great agents know what buyers are looking for and how to maximize the appeal of a property.   Furniture can be arranged or removed to make a room more inviting.  Spaces can be re-purposed to increase the functionality of a home.  These suggestions can help a house sell faster and at a higher price and it's important to consider the impact.  I took classes to earn the Accredited Staging Professional designation (ASP) to learn about staging and better assist clients with this.  Click here to see some before and after photos of a home that's been staged.

Professional Quality Photos:
The first thing consumers look for when surfing the internet for homes are photos.  If the house listing does not include interior photos, the consumer will move on to the next one.  If the listing does not include any photos of a kitchen or bathroom, potential buyers assume it isn't very nice.  A good agent uses professional quality equipment including a good lens and flash to take listing photos.  We move trash cans, clear off counters, and turn on lights.  Photos can be cropped and adjusted to make almost any house look great.  If an agent is taking your listing photos with their cell phone, they could probably do better.  I've completed at least a dozen photography classes and invested in some of the best equipment available for photographing homes.

Complete MLS Information
It only takes a few minutes to take room measurements and include them in MLS, but most agents don't do it.  The MLS system allows an agent to check off boxes for features like cathedral ceilings, type of flooring, built-ins, and lighting, but many agents don't include that information.  There's a paragraph to highlight the features of a property, but we often see one or two sentences that don't create much interest.  Information from MLS is syndicated to hundreds of other websites, so it's crucial to get it right. 

Aerial Photos:
Aerial photos allow agents to highlight exterior of a home, or take a photo from a better angle.  When a house is surrounded by landscaping, or sits at the top of a hill an  aerial photo can better showcase a property.  I purchased a small drone about a year ago and it's been a great tool for taking some listing photos.

Virtual Tours:
Virtual tours allow an agent to display the listing photos and videos in a logical order to show a potential buyer the property.  The tour includes school reports, weather reports and local area information.  Floor plans can be included if they're available.  The tour is linked to the listing on all of the major real estate websites and can be used as a stand alone website for the property.  I've tried several companies, and found that Circlepix offers the best product available. A QR code link is included on marketing materials to make the Circlepix tour easy for potential homebuyers to find.  Click Here to see Circlepix tours for the homes I'm currently working with.

Internet Marketing:
 More than 97% of consumers use the web during their search for a home, so it's crucial.  The most visited Real Estate sites are Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes and Realtor.com.  Combined these 4 websites have about 97,000,000 unique monthly visitors.   Agents can purchase advertising packages to enhance their listings and promote them as featured properties on some of these sites to generate more interest in a property.  I advertise on all four of those websites and I get lots of calls from them.  Here's a link to my Zillow Profile  and a link to my Realtor.com Profile.  There are hundreds of other websites that pull listings from our MLS system and display them for consumers.  Your home will be on all of them.

Social Media Promotion
Property should be advertised on Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest.  Regular social media posts are liked, shared and commented on by users. Sophisticated social media advertising campaigns can target specific groups of home buyers.  Agents can identify people affiliated with major employers or institutions, education levels, age range, marital status and other interests to reach a particular target market.  I've run many great advertising campaigns on Facebook, and publish listings on other sites weekly to increase exposure.

Full Color Property Brochure

Color flyers should be available at every listing to provide basic facts and plot plans. Floor plan, plot plan and local area information are included. A scannable QR code is usually included to provide more info.

Monthly Real Estate Magazines are still an effective way to reach prospective buyers and sellers.  Agents should advertise in a color magazine that covers the geographical region that covers a significant radius around the property.  30,000 Copies of the Magazine are printed every month and people are looking at them. 

Direct Mail:

Post card mailings can be used to announce new listings and major changes to the property's price or condition.    I have a full page in the Catalogue of Homes every month and all of my current listings are advertised.  I send out "just listed" cards to 100 or more surrounding homes within the first week a home is on the market.

Instant Info by Text

Custom sign riders include a short text number and property ID to obtain instant information and access to the circlepix tour from mobile devices.

Interactive Floor Plans:

Floor plans can be included in marketing materials for larger homes to give a potential buyer more information about the layout of a property.

Electronic Lockboxes

Agents should use electronic lockboxes to provide better security.  Every time the lockbox is opened to obtain a key, the system documents it and notifies the listing agent.  Many agents use combination boxes and there's no way tho know who has entered the home.

Web Based Appointment Scheduling

I use an internet based system to schedule showings and streamline the process for both you and the agents showing your home.  Agents can request an appointment online at any time and you can accept, decline, or reschedule via email, text, or phone.  Every client has access to a website to view showing activity.  Listings using this system have more activity than the ones that don't.

Feedback Management

The same system automatically reaches out to showing agents after they've seen the property to see if there is any interest and ask for their opinion of condition and price.  If there are things that can be changed to make the house more appealing, we want to know about it.