Central Massachusetts Real Estate Expert

Dave Stead

There are many things to consider when selecting a Realtor to sell a home:

Market Knowledge:

Every market is different, and there are subtle differences in every area that effect property values.  Identical homes located just a few blocks from each other may have significant differences in value. It's important to get a thorough market analysis from an agent who knows the local market, knows what home buyers are looking for, and knows the homes your property is competing with. I represent both home buyers and sellers so it's likely I've seen the homes we're comparing to your property. 

Is the agent a Realtor?

Realtors belong to the Local, State, and National Association of Realtors.  Members abide by a code of ethics that exceed the requirements of licensing law.  They also have access to an incredible amount of market research and a huge number of educational programs and professional designations to make them better informed.  Laws and financing guidelines are constantly changing, and agents need to have access to all of the information needed to effectively represent their clients.  I've been a member of the Central Massachusetts association of realtors for 24+ years and served in many capacities.  I was awarded Realtor of the Year in 2010 and I served as the Board President in 2014.  I've also had many leadership roles on the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.


It's important to have an experienced agent who knows how to resolve all kinds of issues, and has access to a great network of professionals when help is needed.  Licensing classes teach agents the basics, but they learn much more while actually working.  Agents who have successfully closed many transactions have usually been able to handle difficult issues.   I've assisted hundreds of clients in my 24 years as a full time Realtor.


Communication is one of the keys to a successful real estate transaction.   Staying in close contact with you is extremely important when scheduling showings, negotiating an offer or providing feedback from showings. I'm available via text, cell and email, and easy to reach throughout the process.  You should have direct access, and not be passed off to a secretary or an assistant.  You'll be able to reach me anytime.

Reviews from past clients:
Many agents advertise that they sell lots of homes, but may not be as concerned with the quality of service that they provide.  Look at the reviews that past clients post on sites like Zillow & Realtor.com.   Click here to see my Zillow reviews  or Click Here to see my Realtor.Com Reviews  I'd like to have EVERY client submit a 5 star review on me after closing.


Agents tend to be social, and there are many opportunities to network with other agents at Board of Realtor events and classes.  The agent listing a property needs to work with other agents to promote a property and encourage other agents to show it.  Most agents like to do business with other agents that they know are ethical and professional.  Lenders and Real Estate Attorneys often attend functions and educational programs, and those relationships can be beneficial during negotiations and the financing process.


An agent needs great negotiation skills.  There are many factors to consider when evaluating an offer.  Price is important, but the strength of the buyer, credibility of their lender's pre-approval, closing date, closing cost credit, the dates, included items and other factors can be very important when evaluating competing offers. There can be a whole new round of negotiation after a home inspection.  I've successfully negotiated hundreds of transactions and I earned the CNE designation (Certified Negotiation Expert) by completing classes and an exam.

Technical Abilities:

Agents need to keep up with the latest technology.  A few years ago we began to use electronic signatures and forms, now they've revolutionized the way we do business.  I use electronic lockboxes for increased security.  We know who opened a house and when they did it..  I use a showing and feedback management system that keeps you on top of the market activity.  I've got a drone to take aerial photos.  Property info is available instantly 24/7 for potential buyers driving by via text message.   There are some really cool new things that I'm working on now involving 360 degree photos and Virtual reality that will be amazing once they're ready to roll out.

Selling a house remotely:

I work with many clients who live in other parts of the US, and other countries.  Whether it's a rental property or an Estate, I can handle everything, from preparing the home for sale to coordinating closing with attorneys.  I maintain close contact with clients throughout the process.  They're notified of Every showing.  I visit the property regularly to make sure it looks great.  Clients never even need to travel back to the area for closing, unless they want to pack or meet their mover.

Selling a property with tenants:

I've handled the sale of many single and multi-family homes and condominiums that are occupied by tenants. There are lots of different challenges, yet I've had great results.  Many buyers of Multi-unit properties like good tenants to remain with the property.

Facing Foreclosure?

I've worked for close to 100 homeowners along with my legal team to complete short sales allowing them to walk away from a house with no expense to them, no remaining mortgage debt and in some cases as much as $10,000 for relocation expenses.  Click here to find out more

The agent who lists your property has a significant impact on your bottom line.  Why take a chance with a less qualified Realtor?

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